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"Beside You" Graphite Drawing Copyright Marla J. Loss

Copyright Marla J. Loss, Graphite 30" x 40"

Beside You

Original: Private Collection

“Beside You” was drawn from a photo in which I could tell how the couple felt about each other from their facial expressions. A shadow encloses both their faces in a “V” shape, while there is emphasis on the growth of the intertwining plant next to them. I relegated realism for a few areas and let the rest of the piece breathe with lots of white space. While drawing, I listened to Van Morrison's song, “Beside You” and wrote the lyrics on the husband's shirt pocket.


beautiful....rendering (not art) can be a study of the materials and just copying what you see. If you want art (like Marla's) you should practice not just what you see but what you feel and how it relates to your subjects as well as yourself. An artist's vision is not only in the real but the imagined. Bravo Marla! A true Artist.” 

– Keith Kendall, Owner of The Art Store in Prescott AZ on “Beside You”


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