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Original: Private Collection

This was my final portrait of 2010, a pastel and charcoal of the principal of Trinity Christian School where my children attended. Denise was willing to do any kind of job whether great or small and knew how to bring out the best in everyone. She gave so much of herself for the children. They came to her with all their problems and she always made time for them. She also laughed at my jokes which really surprised me, so she gets bonus points for that. Denise was such a resilient woman who could seemingly handle any obstacle. However, I believe this drawing also shows the soft spiritual light that emanates from her.


One thing I would like to note is that this drawing makes use of something called lost edges. In certain areas like the top of the head and especially the top edge of the nose, the edges are not defined with a line but blend into one another. 

Copyright Marla J. Loss, Mixed Media

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