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Bloom 2.jpg

Copyright Marla J. Loss, Acrylic on canvas  20" x 16"

Full Bloom 

Original: Click to buy or inquire $720

Dedicated to my husband, Erick


When I looked up the meaning of my married name, “Loss,” I was hoping that it meant something more than the English meaning. It means “loam,” which didn’t seem much better. After 25 years of marriage I realize that wedded life together really is like a garden. The more we humble ourselves and support each other (and pull the weeds!), the more we can be the rich soil, the loam, that we grow in and with each other. Only because of Erick’s consistent support and patience has my creativity flourished and bloomed.

When I first saw it I immediately thought of my Camille, her middle name is Rose and she makes me feel sooo loved. It also made me feel like when a big bouquet of flowers is showered on me by a special someone I love.
Chris Anderson

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