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Copyright Marla J. Loss, Oil, 16" x 20"

Hopi Son

Original: Private Collection

“Hopi Son” and “Hopi Soul” were painted from the same photo of artist and Iraq Desert Storm Sergeant, Filmer Kewanyama. The red and blue shawl he wears symbolizes the American flag and is part of his Gourd Society Regalia identifying him as a Native American veteran.


This picture has a grisaille underpainting, a French term meaning grey monochrome. Many old masters including Caravaggio painted a grisaille initially to get all values and drawing corrected. The next step is to glaze over the grisaille with color. Despite the grey start, there are greens, purples, and oranges in the face. Rich golds layer creating a metallic impression in the solar disc behind his head. I painted several portraits at this time with this “haloed” effect. While painting the sun, I felt as though I was painting the eternal or spiritual part of him.


To see “Hopi Soul,” click here.

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