Copyright Marla J. Loss, Oil, 16" x 20"

Hopi Soul

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“Hopi Son” and “Hopi Soul” were painted from the same photo of artist and Iraq Desert Storm Sergeant, Filmer Kewanyama. The red and blue shawl he wears symbolizes the American flag and is part of his Gourd Society Regalia identifying him as a Native American veteran.


I started painting “Hopi Soul” for the Prescott Artists Studio Tour, but then became frustrated and abandoned it. I started over and completed “Hopi Son.” “Hopi Soul” sat facing the wall in a corner of my studio. After many months, I picked it up and finished it in a couple of mornings.


The abstract shapes and landscape in the background are shapes and colors that I associate with Arizona, where I lived at the time, and it is the home of the Hopi tribe. It is a bright dusty landscape with bright blue skies, lakes, and mountains. The yellow circle symbolizes the eternal part of Filmer’s soul.

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