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Lewis' Ontological Proof

Original: Private Collection

2nd Place LCU National Art Competition, Lubbock, Texas

While drawing this mixed-media piece, I was thinking of the book, Alice in Wonderland. When I submitted it to a contest at Lubbock Christian University, I wanted it to sound deep, so I gave it this bogus title, “Lewis’ Ontological Proof.” It won 2nd Place overall, so maybe I should title all my pieces senseless, inscrutable names.


Lewis Carroll is the author of Alice in Wonderland. An ontological proof is an argument for the conclusion that God exists, using only reasoning. To my surprise, I found that Lewis Carroll was a deeply spiritual man, whose literature may have had spiritual symbolism. You could say Alice discovered herself trying to survive in a bewildering nonsensical world. I ask you: is it truly a random title referring to a nonsensical book?

Copyright Marla J. Loss, Mixed Media 13" x 13"

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