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Copyright Marla J. Loss, Acrylic on canvas, 39" x 33"

Little Resurrections 

Original: Click to Buy $1,240

The dog was running in snow in my photo reference, but when I painted it, it looked like confetti. Entertaining no ideas of what this painting was about while creating it, “Little Resurrections” is a painting where I divided the canvas into “panes.” In “Tragic Rabbit” the rabbit is divided into panes as though it were trapped in the painting. I suppose I see the intersection of the panes as the trapping force – the part that imprisons the animal so to speak. The dog may be running but the cage runs with him as a part of him. On the right you can see the cross pattern, which is a manifestation of the cage inside. Each small death is a little resurrection.


While painting this I was listening to the band Switchfoot sing “Vice Verses”:


I know that there's a meaning to it all
A little resurrection every time I fall

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