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Copyright Marla J. Loss, Mixed Media, 29" x 21"

Marriage Portrait

Original: Private Collection

When I moved to New Mexico, I was excited and fearful about striking out on my own. The reason for the excitement was because I was moving in with my bestie, Julie, who I had known throughout college. I have many memories of fun times with her in that city at the base of the Sandia Mountains, but it ended too soon because she married the boy next door. Literally. The. Boy. Next. Door. I was prepared to thoroughly dislike him for taking away my friend, but he turned out to be quite the cool guy to hang out with as well. I remember going out to eat with Julie and Jay while they were dating and he would sit with me on my side of the table and call me “Marla Belle,” so I wouldn’t feel like a third wheel. Or maybe he did it just to tease Julie. 


This is their “Marriage Portrait” because of their deep love and active commitment to each other as well as their friendship to me.


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