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Mother and Daughter

Original: Private Collection

I loved working on this traditionally painted oil. It shows the calm and natural bond they have with one another. The mother looks down in love at her daughter, who looks forward with an serene smile. Except for the mother’s shirt, they are surrounded with warm color. The lines of fabric behind them combined with connecting contours in the figures effectively create an off center X composition.


Portraits are challenging and a double portrait is double the challenge. I have learned the hard way that both heads and bodies must be in the correct position when I start or they will not relate to each other properly on the canvas. Sometimes one person’s portrait will turn out perfectly, but the other one not so much. To solve these problems, I do prep drawings and paintings before working on the final piece. 


Oh it’s lovely! You really captured them both!– Jennifer Suter


To see the study for the daughter click here.

Copyright Marla J. Loss, Oil, 16" x 20"

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