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Outside the Garden.jpg

Outside the Garden

Original: NFS

Two things come to mind when discussing artwork: form and content. It’s easier to talk about pictorial aspects and the process of creation. When I talk about the meaning of a piece I have to dig deeper into my soul. Sometimes I don’t know why I painted something until much later, and some pieces are terribly difficult to talk about. In several of my paintings there is a red “wound” symbolizing emotional pain. This is one of them—it is the red paint that is dripping down from the right top edge. The title denotes that the woman is standing outside the garden. She is wearing modern clothes and the vines and branches are a part of her. It reminds me of the garden of Eden and this picture represents our current human situation after the fall of Genesis 3. In that passage, mankind loses paradise and instead  must work the ground and endure thorns and thistles. She is us. She is humankind looking away when we lose something precious.

Copyright Marla J. Loss, Mixed Media 16" x 21" 

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