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After "Stormy Landscape"

by Narcisse-Virgile Diaz de la Pena

Original: Click to Buy or Inquire $480

When copying a work by an Old Master, I learn how that artist solved pictorial problems. “Stormy Landscape” by Narcisse Virgilio Diaz de la Pena taught me that I could sketch trees as a big clump of fluffy forms not much different than the clouds in the stormy sky. Making the same values, composition, sometimes the same stroke, connects me to his mental choices. I call it my mini-master workshop. I may be alone but he is there with me showing me around the landscape he created in his mind. Those lessons from art history should continue to be taught and I intend to spend time with the master and learn them.

Copyright Marla J. Loss, Charcoal 12" X 12"

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