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Copyright Marla J. Loss, Acrylic, 16" x 20"

The Bride

Original: Private Collection 

Sometimes working on a painting is a bit of a fight, even when the process is going well. When I saw the candid photo of my sister on her wedding, I instantly envisioned this image of womanly power, hope, and virtue. The vision stuck with me as I wrestled alone with paint and canvas over days in my studio. I remember getting frustrated with myself, angry that I couldn’t mix the colors that I wanted in the right tone fast enough. The record of my struggle gives life and energy to strokes never smoothed or blended. My sister comes to life in all her bridal glory.


Tyna is my biggest art collector and if I struggle sometimes like Vincent Van Gogh, she is my “Theo,” a constant source of kindness and support. She is not only a wife, but a mom, and working woman who embodies strength, goodness, and self-sacrificing love.


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