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The Panic Vine.jpg

Copyright Marla J. Loss, Mixed Media 28" x 36"

The Panic Vine 

Original: Private Collection

The first picture in this series was “The Window Pain.” In “The Panic Vine” the flat space has begun to change through the breaking of the composition and through ripped pieces of paper. A linear mass of branches and vines emanate from the head and throat, although torn and crumpled paper obscure the eyes. Two poems are included: one from my 15-year-old-self about how I felt trapped. It is behind me, but still part of me on my left. The poem “The Panic Vine” by Isabella Gardner has been collaged on to my right, which speaks of buried anxiety. Exposing the  roots to light despite all fear starts to rip up the past creating new possibilities for beginnings and dimensions. 

To see other pictures in this series, “The Window Pain” and “Soul Cell” click here  and here.


The panic vine quickens on the spine with the rise and fall of every breath; and
blooms inside the eyes…

–From “The Panic Vine” by Isabella Gardener

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