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Copyright Marla J. Loss, Mixed Media 40" x 30"


Original: Click to Buy $1,400

Best of Show Woodlands Art League Juried Exhibit, The Woodlands, TX

1st Place TX Citation Show and Traveling Exhibit, Dallas, TX

Expressionist Juried Exhibit at The Atrium Center in New Caney, TX

Only by writing about this piece have I come to understand its meaning. Comprised of panes within the larger frame, each pane visually relates to the others with circles and arcs repeating throughout. Sometimes it feels like we are drowning in darkness, unable to see because of a divided mind. The yin and yang shapes swirl in confrontation, rather than peaceful coexistence. The large white apostrophe creates and opposes the black arc and inner black apostrophe. The tall clam shell form is our exterior that becomes worn from outside pressure. It’s a mystery what constitutes the inner spirit and what the heart and mind will choose to believe. 


At 40" x 30" this is a large work and it was challenging to see how many different types of marks I could create in black and white. I stippled, spattered, sprayed, dripped, flourished, and smudged. The left vertical edge was actually my scratchpad, where I tested my tools and marks. 


See, I have set before you today life and prosperity, and death and adversity… so choose life…. By loving the LORD your God, by obeying His voice and by holding fast to Him…” – Deuteronomy 30

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